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Before uploading the PSD file, ensure that its filename is descriptive and includes relevant keywords related to the content of the file. For example, if it’s a design for a website homepage, a filename like “homepage-design’psd” would be appropriate.

When you export images from your PSD file, make sure to include descriptive alt tags for each image. Alt tags are important for accessibility and  so use keywords that accurately describe the image content.

Ensure that the metadata of your PSD file is filled out accurately. This includes title, description, and keywords. Use relevant keywords in these fields to help search engines understand the content of your file.

Optimize any images within the PSD file for web use. This includes compressing images to reduce file size without significantly sacrificing quality

f there is any text content within your PSD file (such as headings, titles, or descriptions), ensure that it contains

Keep the file size of your PSD file as small as possible without compromising on quality. Large file sizes can affect website loading speed,

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